Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tech Coordinator Position?

Though New York State requires a certification for a Technology Instructor, NYC Dept. of Ed. has no requirement.   WHY?  I've been in my school for ten years, teaching computers 22 to 25 periods a week, (full time) and around that acting as the Tech Coordinator for the building, (in charge of all tech hardware and software purchases, and up until this coming year acting as web master for the school web site, and organizing any tech PD for classroom teachers, and doing all the immediate tech repair including upgrades and fixing many a school printer) but with all this tech responsibility my official job title remains: CB (Common Branch) Elementary teacher.  It just seems silly to be in a building where 1) Every K-5 classroom has an IWB / high end document camera / printer, 2) Where there are two 30 station computer labs, 3) Where an XServe houses student accounts, 4) Where there are four laptop carts with 15 MacBooks each, 5) Where if you count all the Apple (eMacs, iMacs, Mac Minis, MacBooks) there are well over a total of 200 computers, yet with all this tech there is not one person in the building with the job description of Tech Coordinator, or at least Computer Teacher / Tech POS?  It doesn't make sense to me.  It's like going on an ocean liner without someone in charge of the engine room, hoping that there won't be any issues till the next time you stop in port.

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