Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Web 0.0

What if you wrote, even put your heart into it, and though you were read, not one person ever commented on what you'd said.  An uncommented on blog is Web 0.0.  Less engaging then a commercial? Please someone post some sort of comment just so I know the comment link on the blog works.

Keep On Keeping On

Educators: The Balance Between the New and the Mundane

One of the reasons I got into teaching is my interests in the arts.  Creating is all about empowerment and giving students that sense that they too can create is for me the root of all joy in being a teacher.  Watching a face light up comes from a sudden sense in that student that they are now privy to the secret as well.  So I want every lesson I teach to be a journey into the new for my students, every lesson is but the lightest sketch of a map for all these younger great explorers, discovering my past joys, all anew.  And though in each individual I can see that same moment of new, the lesson is the same one I taught last year (sure there are small, subtle changes), last week, last period.  As educators we must walk a very thin tightrope between the new and the revisited, with a long drop if we fall, and sadly the learner dies with us if we lean too far on either side.  It is something I struggle with every day.