Web 2.0 Resources

When I started as a tech coordinator it was all about hardware and software.  Back then it was computers with less memory than the smallest flash drive out there today, dot matrix printers, and 3 inch floppy drives.  And ran from the external disk drive.  Now we're in an age where there's cloud computing and web 2.0 resources.  For the change to online software read Nicholas Carr's The Big Switch. His Blog: http://www.roughtype.com/

And for great place to start with Web 2.0 resources try: http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Home

Also I'd love to make a list of free online programs for teachers.  I'm still amazed how many teachers I talk to that don't know about Scratch.  Totally Free, Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu compatible, and such a Great Learning Tool.  http://scratch.mit.edu/