Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trying Again

This entry is going to start with an apology: I have not been keeping up with posting new information on this blog and that is really not right.  By creating this blog I have committed to sharing and hopefully hosting a space on the world wide web for those interested and involved in coordinating the use of technology in the elementary school environment.  Though some illness in my family has taken up a fair amount of my time I have decided posting regularly here is not a responsibility I choose to shirk.  So here is the first of what I hope will be from now on regular posts pertaining to being a tech coordinator for elementary schools.

Again: Why all schools with multiple classrooms need a tech coordinator.  How much of our life now involves tech?  As I wrote these words I thought, well almost everything, and then of course I wanted to know, "there must be someone who has done a study to show how much of our daily life, work, home, play, is influenced by tech," so I Googled it.  Didn't get the definitive answer I was looking for but I did get the statistic that 90% of American households have some sort of computer device in their house.  Ten percent of America lives without a computer?!?  Everywhere I go it's tech: Doctor's office, stores, schools, they all so rely on tech at their location and to connect to the rest of the world.  Being comfortable with tech has become a requirement of our society, especially if we wish to rise above the menial labor choice, and isn't that what as teachers we are trying to do: Give our students the opportunity to choose what they want to pursue? Teachers need the resources that allow them to integrate tech into their classrooms: Tech that works, bandwidth consistency, pd in the use of new tech, ways to weed through the plethora of choices out there and then access to the tech that will work in their schools, and someone to help coordinate all of these needs.  They need a Tech Coordinator.

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