Friday, August 24, 2012

Computer Science in Elementary Schools

In my endless search for what's on the web about how educators should teach technology I came across this interesting page about the importance of teaching Computer Science in elementary schools. CSTA Blog Scroll down on this page to the title 

Montessori and CS in K-8


What do you think about this?  Is it important to change / push elementary ed technology by adding a computer science component to K-6 curriculum?  Patrice Gans seems to have a lot of interesting things to say.  Note too her links to Scratch and Scratch Jr. 

"There has recently been a lot of discussion about improving computer science education and the need to include the elementary and middle school students in the process. As a K-8 technology teacher, this age group is always on my mind. After attending a recent Scratch Conference at MIT, I am convinced, more than ever, that 21st century computing skills have an important place in even the earliest rungs of the K-8 ladder."

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  1. We are starting a 7th and 8th grade computer science rotation this fall. We will be using Alice as the platform.

    Thanks for sharing this post, as I would love to see compsci throughout our k-12 school