Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changed Title: Change is Hard 4 Schools

I changed the title of my blog from Tech Coordinator for NYCDoE Schools to A Tech Coordinator for Elementary Schools, and here's why: I created this blog as part of a PD given by the MOET (Manhattan Office of Educational Technology - great acronym) on Blogs.  I thought I'm a tech coordinator at a NYCDoE public school, maybe other TCs would like to read And write about their experience.  But I realized what I really want to converse about is not NYCDoE (New York City Dept of Ed) schools in specific, and not the large field that can encompass the title Tech Coordinator throughout schools, but in How Technology is being Used in Elementary Schools, and the what's involved in the job of Coordinating all the Technology that is now such a staple of most elementary schools.

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